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campy's porn shack

Nude Skeletons: flesh optional

25 September
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campy's porn shack

What's a campylobacter?

PRONUNCIATION: kam - PIE - low - bak - ter (Aw hell, just call me "campy".)

Campylobacter jejuni is a double-flagellate, corkscrew-shaped bacterium that is the most common cause of food poisoning in North America. It is far more common than salmonella, but not usually as fatal. Hence, the Green Skull logo. I slap it on my fanart so y'all know whom to blame.

Most of campylobacter jejuni's victims experience some of these symptoms:

* diarrhea,
* abdominal cramps,
* nausea, and
* fever.

I've had this username since 1998 when I entered the world of fandom via The X-Files, mainly for its horrific, pathogenic associations, and partly for its homophonic eponymy.

Awards? ME?

Apparently, at least 15 of you like 2 of my stories enough to vote for me in 2 awards programs, including the seriously awesome Gatefic Awards. Thank you! I'm honored that someone's actually reading what I write and considers my writing notable.

Daniel/Vala 5th Anniversary Contest

2010 Gatefic Awards

Comment Policy

NB: I'm much better at giving feedback for stories than I am at writing fanfic. However, that means I'm more than happy to continue writing to improve my craft, and am completely receptive to rants, flames, and scathing criticism regarding me and my stories. My LJ allows anonymous comments, so feel free to leave feedback you normally wouldn't under your own name, and to spork me in badfic communities. The only posts I ever delete are duplicates, scripting hacks, & spam. I am dedicated to the belief that if I wank on my LJ and it's wrong-headed, I shouldn't delete my Fail because being quoted in proper context benefits all parties. Having said that, my LJ has been oddly drama-free since I started it in 2003. It's hard out here for a pimp.

Friending Policy

Feel free to Friend, De-Friend, or Ban me without asking or apologizing. (I know my Tweet logs are spammy.) LJ doesn't notify me about being de-Friended, so no worries. I might Friend you back, unless you have Twilight, Wincest or cl*wns all over your LJ. Also, the only posts that I F-Lock are the ones that can identify me in RL (even though I'd be a pretty boring person to stalk). Cross-post me AT YOUR OWN RISK to your Facebook & Twitter. I was born the same year as Gillian Anderson, if ya wanna Google that. :-p

Fanfic = LOVE

I'm a multi-shipper who enjoys the full range of fan fiction, from OTP het-ships to slash (f/f & m/m) to "multiples". Although I prefer reading porn, I also love AU, crack, UST, fluff, badfic (unintentional and parody), crossovers, and (OMG!) even noromo Gen fic. My "gateway" pairing to the Stargate fandom was Daniel/Vala (if the graphics didn't tip you off); I'm so obsessed with them that I was asked to be co-moderator of the daniel_vala community, which has been a humbling experience (spammers!) and an absolute joy (Friends!) 


I like to beta-read, edit, and story-coach fanfic when I'm not struggling to write my own. If you need grammar check, canon check, pseudo-science research, machete!beta or just fangrrly squee, I'll be happy to help if it's within my fandoms and favorite pairings. (No Mary Sues, no exceptions. That includes Original Characters who aren't sparkly but who are obvious author self-insertions who take over the entire story in a dreadfully uncreative, boring, dominant PoV.) Check sg1betas , sga_beta , beta_search , fandom_betas , or the betas at FFN if I can't help you. For general English grammar help, check out the awesome community at fandom_grammar .


Mary Sue/Gary Stu must DIAF. I hate homophobia in any fic, which I sometimes encounter in f/m (het) fic. Misogyny (sometimes found in m/m slash fic) makes me ragey. Character bashing makes me ragey. The very few genres that squick me: RPF porn (except for Hitler and Dick Cheney), pedo, necro, clowns, scat, & snuff. (If you don't know what those are, please stay innocent and don't Google them.)
Clowns must die

Where's the damned porn?

OK, here's my space porn gallery. Only sci-fi geeks will appreciate it. The 1st page is Rated PG/older kids; the 2nd page is Rated R/Mature because of the nude and topless Gigi Edgley pix. The 3rd page has a lot of of butts, and so far, the 4th page has some of topless Gillian Anderson. Wish I could arrange the pix more usefully than "date uploaded". :-p

Eye candy tags you might like: arm!porn, ass, breasts, bulge, chest!porn, kiss. Also Claudia Black, Michael Shanks, Ben Browder, and Gillian Anderson.

complacentLiveJournal Daniel/Vala mood theme
by jeansmx  (download the ZIP file here)